Designed and made in Croatia, EU since 2006.

Kitten Heels

It is remarkable how voluminous (and super comfortable) sneakers have overwhelmed fashion for couple of seasons now. That is why this year’s shoe trend couldn’t get unnoticed and I think…


Orthopaedic footwear made it’s way into the high fashion long time ago. This is a fact, so all doubters and haters to the side, this trend is here to stay.…


I love jumpsuits! I wear them often and in many different occasions. In my closet I have jumpsuits in many styles, lengths and materials. They are actually one of those…


If you love minimal, contemporary jewelery with that special twist, than you will adore NotAJewelery! It is hand made by my dear friend Petra, and I can say from personal…


According to Wikipedia: ” A glove is a garment covering the whole hand. Gloves have separate openings for each finger and the thumb; if there is an opening but no…

White basics

For an awkwardly clumsy person like myself, white outfits are a questionable choice. But what the hell, I love to live dangerously, so I decided to add some white fashion…

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