Dizajnirano i proizvedeno u Hrvatskoj od 2006.

One of the most iconic bags in history of fashion is most certainly The Chanel 2.55, flap model.

Why is this model so special? Well, first of all everything miss Coco did was special and inspiring, not only in fashion terms but also in terms of strong and amazing woman power.
Story goes like this: Coco Chanel got tired of having to carry her handbag in hands and decided to add thin straps so she could carry her bag on her shoulders, hand free.

2.55 represents the date bag came out; it was February 1955.

Original is black with burgundy lining, and there is zippered compartment inside the front flap. Rumour says that this secret compartment was originally a storage for love letters.

Many people consider this bag to be a great investment piece, something you can leave as heritage to grandchildren. If that isn’t a great excuse to buy bags I don’t know what is!

Photos: chanel.com


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