Mary Quant

When I think of Mary Quant the first thing that comes to my mind is a mini skirt. Some say, she may or may not be the inventor of this short garment, but one is sure – extremely short skirts were Quant’s trademark (popularised by that time most wanted model Twiggy). Btw. she named it after her favourite car – the Mini. In 60’s Quant really revolutionised the fashion with her forward-thinking and rule-breaking ideas. There are couple more items which she put into the fashion hall of fame; colourful and patterned tights, skinny rib sweater, hot pants and waterproof mascara (!!!). She was also the first garment designer to use PVC and she popularised the bob haircut (invented for her by Vidal Sassoon). In 2015. Mary Quant became a Dame due to her outstanding contribution to British fashion.



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